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S.D.A. : Scuba Diving Association.

We are an educational organization for scuba diving. We develop educational materials to meet the needs of our instructors. We are driven by a common passion, which isn't only practicing scuba diving, but also teaching it.

We listen to our members, which allows us to meet their needs.

Among SDA's many advantages and opportunities, the instructor delivers a comprehensive curriculum allowing you to be free, independent and responsible.
Thanks to SDA's professional website, instructors are able to use successful working tools.
If you are a diving instructor working for another organization and are looking for personal enrichment, a successful educational tool, and a recognized worldwide patent, SDA's internship is the one for you.

The program provides instructors with SDA's teaching methods and techniques.

You also get a complete training of our standards, programs, products, and marketing.


You are you ever wondered what you procure to breathe underwater?
You can experience the sensation without committing to a course.
The Discover Diving will let you know if you have an affinity with the acquatique environment. And thus experience the sensation of breathing underwater.

With this program, you will have the opportunity to do what is called a baptism of scuba diving in the pool.
You will learn all the same, in a quick and easy introduction to manipulate the material during your discovery of the underwater world.

If you've always wanted to learn scuba diving, to experience sensations, new adventures, meeting people or just want to discover the beauty of the seabed ...
It's here that 'you need to start.

Enjoy your scuba diving certificate.

The courses SDA are recognized worldwide.

You are already an experienced diver for a while. You love scuba diving.
You have gained experience, but something you lack. You want to share.

Discover your passion for people wishing to experience new sensations.
In short, you want to teach the sport you love.

So he has no doubts .. You have to become a professional SDA scuba diving.

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